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We are not drafters or architects; we are not a tech team trying to jump onto the solar bandwagon; we are a group of veteran solar professionals with decades of combined boots on the roof experience. Our founder still holds his solar contractor’s license and has been deeply immersed in the solar industry for almost 15 years. Our “why” – the spark that started this whole company – was intimate, firsthand knowledge of the frustrations and delays solar contractors face on a daily basis and the desire to make your lives easier. Let us show you how this unique background makes us the best possible firm to handle your plan sets, interconnections, and permitting.


Advanced Solar Solutions has been processing solar permitting plan sets and interconnections for solar contractors since 2012. We have recently implemented a new state-of-the-art system to streamline our processes requiring far less time to submit info than our competitors. We now offer engineering packages and rebate processing services as well. We serve as a veritable “One Stop Shop” source for our customer’s regulated administrative paperwork after the sale. We can also integrate with your CRM or other sales proposal tools, saving you the time and effort of entering homeowner and site info yet another platform – we know time is money, and we strive to save you both!

Portal Registration


Site Audit/Evaluation Software for your tablet or smartphone that will integrate with our Portal! This software will also integrate with your solar equipment inventory. With this new integration your site info will seamlessly flow into our cloud software and update in real-time.

  • Integration with many platforms you use every day (including CRM & Sales Proposal Software
  • Rebate/Incentive Processing
  • 5-MINUTE Template-based Submissions (Coming Soon)
  • Site Audit/Evaluation Software (Integrates into our submission Portal – COMING SOON*)
  • AHJ Presale/Design Database Listing common “Dos & Don’ts” (Coming Soon)


We consider our Clients our Partners


  • We offer a One-Stop-Shop experience, offering an à la carte menu of services you can cater specifically to your business needs
  • Complete Permitting Plans
  • Engineering Packages (Our engineering rarely calls out truss or rafter modifications, saving you thousands)
  • Interconnection Processing
  • Design & Consulting Services
  • LOWEST COST for our unmatched spectrum of services
  • 24 Hour Plan Set Processing *(upon receipt of valid, error free submission)
  • Real Time Status Updates
  • Volume Discounts


*Ask for Terms and Conditions that apply to this offering*
**Added Cost, will be available at no added cost soon! Ask about Conditions that Apply**


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